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Tantra Massage Therapy

Heal through the use of energy while you relax - Based in Rotterdam and Amsterdam

What is Tantra?

In short, tantra is a way to expand the mind and consciousness. Another translation would be defined as a web of interconnection. This esoteric teaching states that the Universe and everything in it is energy. So Tantra deals with energy in all its forms in order to expand consciousness and help the human soul evolve. It covers a vast range of subjects among which meditation, hatha yoga, and forms of purification. The study of Tantra is so broad that I won’t go into all the different branches and details but if you are looking for answers to the deeper questions about life, Tantra has them! 

Tantra massage

Tantra Massage Therapy and Healing sessions

We consider ourselves students of the authentic esoteric tantric path. For our Tantra Massage Healing Therapy, we stick to the authentic teachings of Somananda Tantra School where we have studied the techniques. We choose to keep away from Neo Tantra forms because we like to honor the teachings as they were taught thousands of years ago by enlightened masters rather than versions that are a mix and match of different styles without a clear and proven background. With this, we're not saying that these don’t work, just that we've chosen to follow the authentic teachings as they originally were. Both Nanouk and Sabrina are certified Tantra Massage Therapists.

Nanouk is based in Rotterdam, and Sabrina has her practice in Amsterdam.

If you live in another country but would still like to experience Tantric Healing, check out our Tantric Remote Energy Healing Therapy Sessions.

What is a Tantra Massage?

In a Tantra Massage, we work through blockages in the physical and energetic body through a combination of physical Ayurvedic massage techniques and energy work with Life Force Energy. It’s a holistic massage that covers the entire body including the intimate zones (in Sanskrit: the Yoni for the women and the Lingam for the men). In Tantra, the therapist is the giver and the client is the receiver who can fully receive this relaxing and beautiful healing experience without any kind of shame, guilt, or feeling the need to do something back. As a (massage) therapist and as a person I see you and accept you as you are, without any judgment, and that in itself is already healing for many people. 


The clearing of blockages and the movement of energy in the body can result in emotions coming up, physical movement and/or energetic sensations like tingles, warmth or cold, shivers, the feeling of being outside the body, visions, but also euphoria and orgasmic sensations throughout the entire body (also referred to as a full body energy orgasm). 

These orgasmic states are not the goal of the massage but rather a pleasant side effect.


This doesn’t mean that if you don’t experience any of these effects nothing is happening. Everybody is in a different part of their journey and has different blockages. Healing always takes place and sometimes multiple sessions are needed to work through a certain blockage or trauma.


Tantra massage is especially beneficial for sexual blockages and frustrations such as premature ejaculation, loss of sensitivity, being unable to orgasm, guilt and shame around sexuality, sexual trauma, and frigidity but also for body issues and insecurity. It aids relaxation, body positivity, and joy, boosts life energy, and relieves stress.

After a session

It can very well be that (directly, a few hours, days, or even weeks) after a session things are starting to come up, change or shift. This is the purpose of the healing and are effects that are to be expected. This can range from sudden and unexpected emotions, thoughts, and dreams, but also physical sensations or effects (from lightheadedness or nausea to flu-like symptoms). This is purification and is normal after the energetic shifts that happen in the body. Very positive effects like euphoria, feelings of happiness, lightness, and joy, expansion of the heart and thoughts, and a profound feeling of connectedness or oneness are also reported frequently.


As a service, I offer an additional after-care call that can be scheduled in the two weeks after the session. In this 30-minute call, we can discuss what came up and how to deal with this most effectively. If heavier things come up I also offer coaching trajectories through FreeDom coaching. Check here for more information.

The Process

  • If you are interested in booking a session I hope you will have read the information on my website and are informed about what the massage is and isn’t. 

  • We will book a 15-minute intake video call to get to know each other and discuss what it is you need and expect from the session. 

  • When we both feel good about doing the session we can plan the session.

  • On the day of the session, we take about 15 minutes to talk beforehand and get used to each other’s energy before we begin. 

  • After the session, we will also do a short 15-minute check-in to see how you feel and what came up.

  • If you feel that you’d benefit from it we can plan to have an after-care call.

  • If a lot came up we can also plan a coaching session to deal with what came up.

What Tantra is NOT


Authentic Tantra is taken from ancient knowledge from India over 5000 years ago and only recently (mainly in the 1960s and ’70s during the hippie time of the sexual revolution) became popular as we know it here in the West. Often it is not clear what authentic Tantra is and because everyone is giving their spin to it there are many misconceptions. The most common misconception is that Tantra is sex. 


I can be very clear about what Tantra (and Tantra Massage) is not: 


  • Tantra is not a religion or related to any religion

  • It’s not a sect, a cult, or a group of people organizing orgies

  • It’s not sex, a sexual service, or a massage service with ‘extras’ or a ‘happy end'.

  • It’s not a body-to-body massage

  • It’s not a service where the client can touch the therapist

4-Hands Massage

From November 2023 it is possible to book a 4-hands Tantra Therapy Massage by Nanouk and Sabrina. The concept is the same as the normal Tantra Massage but you will be massaged by two certified Massage Therapists. We both have the same skills but our different energies make it possible to interact with your energy on an even deeper level creating a more complete possibility for healing. 

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 16.39.54.png
Duo Massage

Duo/Couples Massage

It is also possible to book a Duo Massage for you and your partner at the same time. Each of you will be massaged by one of us at the same time in the same space. Feel free to send us an email about the possibilities! The same rules apply as for the Tantra Massage Therapy session for one person. 


I can imagine questions come up when you are considering if a Tantra Massage session is something that would benefit you. Below are some answers to questions you might have:

Do I have to be naked?

During the massage, the client is nude especially when genital massage is included but areas that are not being massaged will be covered. If you choose an option without genital massage it’s also recommended to be naked to allow the flow of the massage but again, areas that are not worked on will be covered. If you really don't feel ready for this it’s possible to keep your underwear on.

I will always be fully clothed during sessions and will not take my clothes off at any point.

Do I have to do the genital massage?

No, if you are not comfortable (yet or at all) with the massaging of the genitals then you can simply choose the massage without the genital part. There is a lot of energy (and often trauma) stored in the genital area and that’s why it is part of a session but the massage can also be done without that part of the body.

Can I still change my mind about the genital massage in the middle of the session?

Absolutely! Both client and therapist should feel 100% safe and comfortable, especially in the case of a genital massage. Before moving from the body massage to the genital massage the therapist will first ask for clear consent and comfort level from the client before moving on to that part of the body. You are free to change or revoke your consent at any time. 

Both client and therapist are able to refuse or stop the (genital) massage at any point.  

Do realize that if you have booked a full massage you will have to pay for the time you booked. 

Can I still have a Yoni massage if I’m menstruating?

Yoni massage during menstruation is no problem, it can actually be beneficial and relieve pain and discomfort. Just let me know in advance and we will make arrangements.

Can I have an ejaculation during or at the end of the massage?

The very clear and unambiguous answer is NO! At no point during the session is it ok for men to have a physical orgasm or ejaculation. This should be very clear before you book the session and there is no use in asking again before, during, or after the massage. The answer is and will always be NO.

Where will the sessions take place?

For my massage sessions, I rent an amazing location in Rotterdam:

The Gaia Center. A spiritual space located on the 9th floor with an

amazing view over the city or at Yoga Vidya, a cozy spiritual space

perfect for massage sessions. In Amsterdam, the sessions are at Zensaties

GaiaCenter View.jpeg
Yoga Vidya_edited.jpg

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at

Price List

Single Tantra Therapy Massages (pick your Therapist Sabrina or Nanouk)

€275,- for 2 hours (of which 1.5 hours massage) without yoni/lingam massage

3 x card = €747,- (€78,- discount)

€350,- for 3 hours (of which 2.5 hours massage) with the option of a yoni/lingam massage

3 x card = €897,- (€153,- discount)


4-Hands Tantra Therapy Massages (by Sabrina and Nanouk)

€400,- for 2 hours (of which 1,5 hours massage) 4-hands massage without yoni/lingam massage

€500,- for 3 hours (of which 2,5 hours massage) 4-hands massage with the option of a yoni/lingam massage


Duo/Couple Tantra Therapy Massages (by Sabrina and Nanouk)

€450,- for 2 hours (of which 1.5 hours massage) Duo Massage for couples without yoni/lingam massage 

€500,- for 3 hours (of which 2,5 hours massage) Duo Massage for couples with the option of a yoni/lingam massage


€30,- for a 30-minute aftercare check-up call scheduled within 2 weeks after the massage (by Sabrina or Nanouk)

€95,- for a coaching session (60 minutes in-person or online) to deal with things that came up during or after the massage. (by Nanouk)


“Wat een geweldige tantrische massage heb ik van Nanouk en Sabrina mogen ontvangen.

Vier handen overal op je lijf zorgen ervoor dat je aandacht continu bij de aanraking is.
Nanouk en Sabrina zijn prachtige vrouwen, zowel innerlijk als uiterlijk, waar de zachtheid en liefdevolle aandacht vanaf stralen. Het zorgde voor emotionele momenten om zoveel koestering te mogen ontvangen. Na de massage was ik nog een tijdlang vrolijk en vol energie. Aanrader dus!"

Willem - Rotterdam

Randall Johns, NY

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