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ArcanA Events

This is an overview of our upcoming events. If you want to know more about each event scroll on down with us!

Healing Through Connection

Cacao, Connection, Senses, Rope & Healing

Saturday, June 1st 13:00 - 17:00 Rotterdam

JUNE Healing Through Connection Rope.jpg

Healing Through Connection: Cacao, Connection, Sensation, Rope & Healing


Healing Through Connection. Healing through being in the body has never been more ‘sensational’. Through the rope, we create a connection with our bodies, senses, hearts, and others…


In this chaotic world, we have started to live in our heads, disconnected from the body. On Friday, March 29th ArcanA will organize an event that will help you re-connect your mind with your body but also with your heart and with other people! We do this through the use of connective rope, stimulating the 5 physical senses (touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell), and drinking ceremonial cacao to experience this all with an open heart.


This event is all about: 


  • Connection (body & mind, mind& heart, interpersonal connection)

    • In this event, we will bring you into the body as we stimulate the senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste) and the rope to connect you deeply with your body. 

    • We will connect your mind with your heart (through the use of the heart opener cacao that makes it easier to surrender into ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’).

    • You will connect with others throughout the whole event especially when you do the exercises with the rope and the senses.


  • Trust and surrender

    • Working with another person creates a physical connection that we all need  (sometimes without being aware of how much we crave this), it helps us set our boundaries, trust others, and surrender into ‘being’. 

    • We will talk about boundaries beforehand and pair people according to their level of comfort and connection to create a safe environment to explore. 


  • Playfulness

    • This event will be all about playful and light interaction. Life can be quite serious and heavy so during this event there is no such thing as ‘have to’ or ‘must’. You can do what feels good and you can skip what doesn’t. 


  • Healing 

    • Finally being back in the body is already healing in itself as we spend big parts of our lives disconnected from our bodies. The rope and working with the senses will connect you to your body. 

    • Learning to trust your boundaries in a safe environment and work with others creates healing in yourself and the interpersonal spheres. 

    • Where needed we can help heal emotions or triggers that come up through energetic healing or speaking with Sabrina and Nanouk (certified coach).


In case intense emotions arise, Nanouk is a certified coach whose job is to help people deal with triggers and heal emotional wounds. Energetically Both Sabrina and Nanouk can help release energetic blockages.  


This event is NOT about sex, kink, or bondage in a sexual context. 

Not that there is anything wrong with any of these subjects at all but that’s simply not the aim of this particular event. It’s not a kinky play party or BDSM workshop. The way we work with rope in this workshop is purely about connection and the sense of touch and not about bondage for the sake of sexual excitement or physical restriction.  


Depending on the participants this course will be in Dutch or English with Dutch support if needed or vice versa.


Nanouk and Sabrina

Your Event Package:

Date: Saturday, 01-06-2024

Time: 13:00 - 17:00

Location: Yoga Vidya, Vijverhofstraat 47, Rotterdam

Normal price:   €88,- for new people

Loyalty price:    €77,- voor coachees, Tribemembers, and people who have attended an ArcanA event before.

The Magical Power of Rope

Rope & Consent Workshop

Saturday, June 8th, 13:00 - 17:00 Amsterdam

Rope & Consent 8624 - David.jpg

This workshop is both for people who are completely new and curious about working with rope and people who have already experienced the amazing world of rope and all the different states and effects that playing and working with rope on the body can give you as the person being tied and the person tying. 


Living in a fast society where we are constantly in our heads makes that many people are disconnected from their bodies and with that, their physical, emotional, and mental state. When we ‘play’ with rope, we take the time to connect with our bodies, each other, our boundaries, and our desires. We slow down and focus only on what is happening in ‘the now’, in our bodies, and our minds (most people who get tied say this is the only time their mind is ‘still’ or ‘empty’). Being tied can also bring up emotions that can be felt because we can’t run away from them when we are tied. This way old emotions, trauma, and other feelings we don’t allow to surface can be worked through turning some rope sessions into a cathartic experience. This whole workshop focuses on both the experience of the rigger (the person tying) and the model (the person being tied). 


Nanouk is a certified coach, Tantra Massage Therapist, and healer who can help people work through trauma and emotions.





Is built up of three building blocks resembling the three parts of any rope session followed by a demo. 


1. Consent and Check-in


This section of our workshop is a fundamental part of every rope session and we strongly believe that it actually should be a basis for every (sexual and non-sexual) deep connective interaction. In fact, out of all the three main blocks, we believe this is truly the most important one. This is basically a “negotiation” where, with utterly high respect and no judgment, we agree on all things needed for a SAFE and TRUSTWORTHY experience


First things first: We’ll do a self-check-in on what our physical and mental states are. 

Then we will take turns expressing and communicating our boundaries which should be respected and honored at every point, the invitation for our desires to be fulfilled (Or not! Remember, expressing a desire does not grant ANYONE consent straight away!), and lastly our expectations and needs for safety and aftercare we would always want to make sure are fulfilled and some tips and tricks.

We’ll be guiding this in a small set of exercises, building up the intensity. This might sound like a ‘put off’ in the first place as you might be EAGER to get down to playing with ropes already, but with practice, you’ll soon realize how liberating it is that the more you practice, the more you can put your hidden desires into words, and even more importantly, understand the power of setting boundaries


You might be familiar with either the RBDSM or the Wheel of Consent frameworks, which we’ll implement slightly adjusted to and for the ropes!


2. Working with Rope


The goal of this section is to learn the power of the ropes as a tool to conduct a connective and communicative session. We will break it down into a few distinctive parts.

First of all, we will start with some fundamentals of the ropes; some basic knots and concepts for first-timers, and tips and tricks for the more advanced rope enthusiasts. This won’t be the main goal of this section, as those basics are only mastered through hours and hours of practice, but will be giving some directions and “quick-starter” steps. 


We will then work on different styles (based on the four elements) and explore how to incorporate different energies into the play; reflecting on how all these might help induce or conduct the session in the directions that have been beforehand agreed, triggering different feelings and emotions, etc.

3. Aftercare


Aftercare is very important as the rope can bring both the rigger (person doing the tying) and the model (person being tied) into altered states of consciousness. The check-in that we do in the first phase of this workshop will be linked to the aftercare too. Here we explain what is important after a rope session




Complete Rope Session

When we have explained the three building blocks: consent and check-in, rope fundamentals, and aftercare, it’s time to dive into a complete rope session! To practice all the things you’ve learned, get creative, and have lots of fun!

If you have questions, feel free to email us.

We would love to see you there!

Nanouk & David

Your Event Package:

Date and Time: Saturday, June 8th, 2024 12:00 - 17:00

Location: Zensaties, Eerste Laurierdwarsstraat 2, Amsterdam

Level: Beginners - Intermediate

Normale price:   €111,- for new people

Loyalty price:      €99,- for Tribe members, coachees, and people who have done ArcanA events before

Included: 5 hour-workshop, drinks and snacks, professional 1 rope per person 

Language: English with Dutch support

Meditation Workshop & Sound Journey

Healing Ceremony (with Blue Lotus)
Saturday, June 15th, 2024 17:00 - 21:00 Amsterdam

Hipsy - meditation event.png

Meditation is the art of finding stillness amidst life's chaos, a practice that nourishes both mind and soul.

During the workshop, Pablo, an experienced Meditation teacher, coach, and student of Eastern Philosophy will explain how meditation is a cornerstone in the self-cultivation and healing journey and teach us to connect it to the clarification of the mind that ultimately leads to a profound sense of peace.
We will explore the yin and yang energies, how to balance them, and the way to help sustain this balance so it does not become distorted within the fast pace of our daily lives.
The workshop ends with a teaser on the states of unity and no-self that await beyond the popular benefits of meditation.

Guided Meditation Session
We will begin by using sensory presence to reduce overthinking, switch to receptive alertness, and create grounding that will provide bodily safety for the sound & healing session that will follow. Progressively going deeper into the mind, we leave the sense gates behind and enter into a state of suspended awareness.

Sound and Healing Journey
In this balanced and alert meditative state, we set the stage for the sound and energy healing portion of the journey that Sabrina and Emre will guide you through. Emre Vechi will assist this energy healing with the magical sounds and vibrations of one of the most spiritual instruments: the Handpan. You will be immersed in sounds and high-frequency energies that will help to create a deep sense of peace and relaxation, remove blockages, and create flow within your system.

Drinking Blue Lotus Tea
During the workshop, we will enjoy a cup of Blue Lotus tea together (this is optional). The ancient Egyptians held the blue lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) in high regard for its symbolic and medicinal properties which was widely used in ceremonies and spiritual practices. Its properties can help to induce a state of relaxation and heightened awareness and facilitate a deeper connection with oneself. The combination of blue lotus, meditation session, and healing can create a powerful journey of self-discovery.


This workshop will be conducted in English. 

If you are not sure if this workshop is for you or if you have questions, please send me a message at


Sabrina, Emre and Pablo


Your Event Package:

Date and time: Saturday, June 15th, 2024 from 17:00 - 21:00

Location: Zensaties, Eerste Laurierdwarsstraat 2, Amsterdam

Language: English

Investment: €88,- Cacao is included but optional and there will be tea and snacks

WORKSHOP: Chakras and Sound
Ceremony & Healing & Live Handpan

June 21st, 2024 18:00 - 22:00 Rotterdam

WORKSHOP Chakras and Sound - Cacao Ceremony & Healing.png

Dynamic workshop on Chakras including yoga poses and meditation,

energy healing, and live handpan sound bath! 

What are chakras and why do they matter?

What is their function and how does knowing this and working with them help you spiritually evolve?

Workshop and yoga part
In this dynamic lecture, we will answer the questions above per chakra one by one and do one or two asanas (yoga poses) to make you aware of this energetic center in the body and the feeling of its activation on each chakra. This way you will get a chance to learn and directly experience the location and energy flow in the corresponding chakra. Like this, we will go through all 7 chakras from the bottom to the top.

Meditation, cacao ceremony & Healing part with live Handpan sound bath
Then we will drink the cacao to open the heart so that when we go into the healing portion of this amazing event, you can receive the channeled healing energy on an even deeper level.
Before we lay down we will do one last short yoga flow to smoothly flow through all the chakras and transition into a beautiful meditation healing and balancing all the activated chakras one by one and then it’s time let yourself be transported through time and space during the healing. Emre Vechi will assist this energy healing with the magical sounds and healing vibrations of one of the most spiritual instruments: the Handpan. You will be immersed in sounds, smells, touch and channeled high-frequency energies to remove blockages and create flow in your system.

All you have to do is relax and receive.


Your Event Package:

Date and time: Friday, June 21st 2024 from 18:00 to 18:00

Location: Gaia Center, Bergwegplantsoen 10z Rotterdam

Investment: Workshop, cacao, healing, sound bath, tea and snacks are included

  • Normal ticket: €88,- (for new friends)

  • Loyalty ticket: €77,- (for ArcanA Tribe members, coachees, and friends who have already been to an ArcanA event)

Language: English

Emotional Alchemy & Communication Workshop (with Cacao)

Saturday, June 29th, 13:00 - 17:00 Amsterdam

Emotional Alchemy - hipsy.png

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were unable to speak up during a difficult conversation?

Had moments where you were not able to embrace your true desires or even have the awareness to understand what they really are?

Do you sometimes feel like you are too much and at the same time not quite enough?

In this workshop, we will explore the conditioning that leads us to suppress our own power as well as how to recognize and dismantle these internalized barriers. Through a combination of theory and practical exercises which we will do together in a small group setting, you will be provided with some practical tools to help reclaim your personal power.

We will touch upon the themes of:


  • Self-awareness - Knowing your true desires and embracing them so that your energy is going only to that which you want to create.

  • Asserting boundaries - Knowing your desires enables you to set clear boundaries and communicate them effectively.

  • The ‘Ask’ - Learning how to ask for what you want assertively and effectively.

  • Emotional Alchemy - How to transform your emotions into the energy you need to fuel your desires. What are you fighting for instead of what are you fighting against?

  • Understanding power dynamics - How to consciously be in a Dominant or Submissive state of attention (Yin/Yang, Inwardly or outwardly focused) so you can confidently implement this in your everyday interactions and not feel stuck in “freeze” when you come across challenging situations.

At the end of this workshop, you will be armed with some practical tools that can be easily practiced and applied in your everyday life and will allow you to pursue your own path of personal fulfillment with renewed confidence.

During the workshop, we will enjoy some natural, pure Cacao together (this is optional). The qualities of the cacao will help us to increase alertness, and focus, enhance feelings of well-being, and create a relaxed and cosy space for us to work in.

This workshop will be conducted in English.

If you are not sure if this workshop is for you or if you have questions, feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you! 



Your Event Package:

Date: Saturday, 29-06-2024

Time: 13:00 - 17:00

Location: Zensaties, Eerste Laurierdwarsstraat 2, Amsterdam

Language: English

Investment: €88,- including cacao (optional)

2-Day Tantra Massage Course
Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July 2024

In this 2-day course, you will be immersed in Authentic teachings and practices of Tantra massage. 


Tantra massage is a powerful form of massage that differs from the traditional massage because it incorporates the Tantric essence of Shakti (also known as energy) using techniques from the Ayurvedic tradition, to harmonize the energy flow and release the blockages.

Tantra Massage Course 67 July copy 2.png

In this weekend introductory course, we will take you to a place where you can sense deeper layers of your physical body, tap into your emotional body, and experience a higher frequency of sublimed sexual energy. 

You will learn how to move the sexual energy with touch and concentration of the mind, important energy points, massage techniques to increase the energy flow, and much more. 

You will experience the tantra massage and its power to unlock energetic blockages, increase sensitivity to subtle energies, enhance vitality, balance emotions, increase orgasmic potential, and restore your energy to a state of well-being and inner harmony.


This course is for your personal, and spiritual growth and healing, enhancing the intimacy in your relationship with much more energy, pleasure, and joy.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What Tantra and Tantra Massage is

  • The human energy structure and its relevance in Tantra Massage

  • To move sexual energy with touch and concentration of the mind

  • How to recognize and manage blockages and purification effects harmoniously

  • Important energy points and massage techniques to increase the energy flow 

  • How to use tantra massage to enhance your orgasmic potential 

  • And much more... (check the tab 'What you will learn' below to get more details)

There will be a blend of lectures that will give you the knowledge, demos to help you understand how to apply the techniques learned and practices done in couples as well as a transformational Tantric ritual to conclude.

To learn more about Tantra Massage also check out our information about the therapy session we give here.

Your hosts are Nanouk (ArcanA) and Diana Dinu (CoreIntimacy). Both Diana and Nanouk have done the Tantra Teacher Training, Remote Tantric Energy Healing, and Tantra Massage Therapist Course and Diana has also done the Tantra Massage Therapist Teacher Course at STS. 

In this course, you will learn:

  • All of the points we mentioned above

  • We will teach you how to massage the full body in 3 parts

  • With every part, (1. upper back/2. buttocks and legs/3. chest and abdomen/4. all 3 parts) we will switch partners to feel the energy of different people and learn to work with it

  • Genital massage is not included in this 2-day introductory course

  • If you are interested in the full 5-day course you can let us know


Not only will you be attending lectures that give you the knowledge that will make you understand the way energy and the Universe work, but we will also put that knowledge into practice with exercises done in couples and individually.

Your Event Package:

Duration: 2 days on the weekend

Suitability: For couples and singles (gender balance m/f)

Dates and times:

Saturday 6-7         Sunday 7-7

09:30 - 19:00        09:30 - 19:00


Early bird €297,- per person (available until June 6th)

Regular €333,- per person (available from June 7th until July 1sh 18th)

The course includes massage oil, all the teachings, and practices, and the Tantric Ritual at the end. Drinks and snacks on the short breaks are included. Lunch, breakfast, and dinner are not included. There will be a 1-hour lunch break to eat outside.


Gaia Center, Bergwegplantsoen 10z Rotterdam

Cacao Cer
emony & Healing

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 16.21.33.png

Cacao Ceremony and Healing

now also for private people and groups!

For quite a while now Arcana has hosted Cacao and healing ceremonies for small groups of max. 10 people. These group ceremonies are an amazing way to meet and spend time with other spiritual people. The group energy also raises the overall energy in the space.

However, for some people, it's more effective and relaxed to have their own private experience. Either alone, with a loved one, or with a smaller group of friends. 


There are several options here to suit your personal needs and preferences.

Cacao & Healing Ceremony

We will will use energy to take you on a journey to reconnect to your higher self to heal subconscious blockages, emotional blockages, trauma, physical pain, or other discomfort. The heart-opening properties of the medicine of natural raw Cacao will make you even more receptive to the beautiful energy of this healing. Since the treatment is adjusted to your personal needs we have more time to go into the deeper layers of the problem. 

You will be immersed in sounds, smells, and healing energy that will raise your vibration in order for you to come into contact with your own higher power and vital life force energy, that knows exactly what is needed and best for you. All you have to do is relax.

Sessions are 1,5 hours. The first half hour is for drinking the cacao and getting into a relaxed state. We will talk through your needs and specific intentions and do some breathing exercises. The healing itself will take 1 hour. 

Here are the different options you can choose from: 

  1. Private 1-on-1 Cacao & Healing Ceremony Session (by Nanouk or Sabrina) € 150,-

  2. Private 2-on-1 Cacao & Healing Ceremony Session (by both Nanouk and Sabrina) € 225,-

  3. Couple Session Cacao & Healing Ceremony (by Nanouk or Sabrina) € 225,-

  4. Couple Session Cacao & Healing Ceremony (by both Nanouk and Sabrina) € 275,-

  5. Private Group of 3 - 5 people Cacao & Healing Ceremony (can be done with 1 therapist) € 350,- for 3 people, every extra person €95,- 

  6. Private Groups of 5 - 10 people (will be done by both Nanouk and Sabrina) € 500,- for 5 people, every extra person €95,- 

Your Event Package:

Date and time: negotiable, contact us for availability 

Location: Gaiacenter: Bergwegplantsoen 10z, Rotterdam

Investment: See options above, prices include cacao, tea, and a snack

Het volgen van de Tantra & Tantra Sexuality Course gegeven door Nanouk was een beleving.

Voor mij had de kennismaking met Tantra niet mooier kunnen zijn.

De oefeningen en rituelen hebben een diepe indruk op mij achtergelaten en mij een permanent andere visie gegeven op relaties. Ik zou willen dat ik deze cursus vele decennia eerder had gevolgd. 

Dat zou zeker een verschil gemaakt hebben in de manier waarop ik nu in het leven sta.

Prachtig vond ik vooral dat besef van het Tantrische een andere ’taal’ toevoegt, naast het cognitieve en ‘gewone’ emotionele en mijn bewustzijn definitief dieper en rijker heeft gemaakt. 

Dat had ik op die manier totaal niet verwacht en maakte het extra mooi. Nanouks begeleiding was fantastisch: intensief en ontspannen, helder en inspirerend. 


Kortom, 5 zeer waardevolle dagen die ik iedereen die zichzelf (of een ander) een groot cadeau wil geven, van harte aanbeveel. 


Titus Bovenberg

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