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ArcanA Relationship Coaching

A Holistic approach to Relationship Coaching - Heal yourself through Love!

The relationship as a tool for growth 

Humans are social beings and together we can often learn faster than we could on our own, but dealing with other people also brings complications with it. We all have our traumas, conditioning, and patterns that we bring into relationships with others. Romantic relationships are often the ones (next to family relationships) that can trigger us the most. This also means that they offer the biggest opportunities for growth! In my coaching, I help couples turn their ‘relationship problems’ into catalysts for growth, connection, and even spiritual/personal evolution.


Below are three example subjects I can help you with to give you an idea of my coaching:

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Loss of sexual interest (polarity) in the relationship

The first phases in a relationship are usually coupled with a lot of energy, known as ‘New Relationship Energy’ or NRE for short. Sexual energy is usually abundant and things are easy. However, couples who are together for longer often experience a dip in their sexual interest or energy. This can also show in a lack of sexual interest or the longing for that first period or even for someone new/else with whom to feel this energy again. Of course with a new partner, this pattern will also set in. Some people then resort to opening their relationship or adding a third, but without the connection between the two initial partners, the chances that this will result in a lot of extra stress and problems are very high. 

In my relationship coaching, I have an open-minded approach to open relationships and kink, and I use the knowledge about energy from a Tantric perspective to coach couples to find back their attraction and connection with each other. 

If a couple wants to open the relationship and it seems to be the right time, I can support them in setting up a good framework to raise the chance of success and lower the risk of conflict. 

Tantra can be a way to regain closeness and connection with the partner. This type of Tantric coaching can also work if there are issues like erection problems, premature ejaculation, loss of sensitivity, being unable to orgasm, guilt and shame around sexuality, sexual trauma, and frigidity but also body issues and insecurity.

Twin Flame relationship difficulties

Twin Flame relationships are relationships between two people who are basically one soul in two bodies. The reason why they incarnated this way is to help speed up the awakening process of both of the partners. They are each other’s mirror and that can cause quite a lot of friction. A Twin Flame relationship is different from a ‘normal’ or Soul Mate relationship because the function of this relationship is to uncover all the areas where growth is still needed. This means Twin Flames will trigger each other HARD to uncover the areas where they can still improve so that the soul is learning the lessons faster for either the ascension process or to start living the life that your Soul came here to live. 

As I am in a Twin Flame relationship myself, I can help people from lived experience, and with my empathic abilities, I usually feel what is needed in both partners to make this relationship more aligned. 

It’s also possible that someone is already in an established relationship and then meets their Twin Flame. This can create a lot of instability, confusion, and emotional pain in the existing relationship and/or in the person who feels the connection with the other but can’t be with their other half.

Difference in Spiritual interest/level

Generally, women are more in touch with their emotional and spiritual side than men which can create friction in the relationship. Of course, it also happens the other way around and in same-sex relationships. The more spiritual partner might not feel supported or understood, maybe even not dare to share their experiences for fear of being judged or not accepted by their partner. On the other side, the less spiritual partner might not understand why their partner is not fulfilled, acting ‘strange’, or keeps themselves engaged with ‘unnecessary’ and intangible matters. They might even think what their partner is doing is dangerous or they might worry they are losing their minds. 

It can feel impossible to explain to the less spiritual partner why there is an insatiable desire to grow spiritually or, if not recognized as spiritual seeking yet, why there is a feeling of being unfulfilled no matter how good the relationship seems to be. Spiritual incompatibility can break the relationship and therefore it is sometimes advised to find professional help. I coach couples (or one of the partners if they are not ready to come as a couple) on how to deal with this discrepancy in Spiritual aspiration.

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These are just three examples

Of course, there are many more situations that I can help with. In my years as a relationship coach, I have helped many couples with all kinds of problems.

All of my coaching is for people of all types of sexual preferences and -orientations, kink-friendly and trauma-informed.

I incorporate my knowledge of Tantric principles to deal with the energetic side of the relationship and can help couples lead a more Tantric lifestyle. If you are in a poly relationship and want to come with more than 2 people, email me for the options.

If you want to know if my coaching is for you, feel free to email me for a free 30-minute intake call! 



Single 90-minute session (for a couple)


If you are not yet sure if my type of coaching is for you or if you want some extra time with me, you can book single sessions. With this single 90-minute session, we can take things one session at a time.

3 x 90-minute session (3-month package for a couple)

€349,- 1 session per month

x 90-minute session (3-month package for a couple)

€694,- 2 sessions per month

If you are ready to commit to improving your relationship then a package is a more economical and committed option.


€75,- WhatsApp support in a group or 1 partner (per month)

Let's check if we match! Book a free 30-minute introduction with me

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