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ArcanA Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Intuitive Coaching to support your Awakening Process and finding your Purpose

For a couple of years now, Nanouk has been coaching people to become the best version of themselves. Helping them to live their Dharma (in this context: the path that the soul is destined to walk in this incarnation and the lessons that come with it). When people live from their ego, they often find that either everything feels difficult and unfulfilling or costs a lot of energy (the work they do, the relationship they are in, or the friends they surround themselves with). There is a lot of dissonance. More and more people even end up in burnout. 

The closer people come to living their Dharma, the easier and more joyful life becomes. Synchronicities show up (things that non-spiritual people might brush off as ‘coincidence’), more energy is available and

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Let's navigate the path of your awakening

positive situations and opportunities start to show up more and more frequently. By living our Dharma we also help the collective because the more people raise their frequency, the easier it becomes for other people to do the same. 


The journey of awakening can be really hard. You might not even know why you are feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, or even depressed. Or maybe you already realize that you are awakening and you are going through the phase also known as ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’.


As more and more people start to awaken to the fact that they are more than a body, a job, a career title, possessions, etc., the need for people to support and guide these awakening souls grows. Doing it all alone can feel very lonely, confusing, and challenging. Through ArcanA Coaching I would love to support you in this process!


Luckily, when I started to awaken I had some people around me who supported me (actually, part of my awakening process was triggered by Sabrina, my Twin Flame and co-creator of ArcanA) but we still had to figure out a lot on our own. In Tantra we found many answers to our questions and things that were happening but also in a lot of other disciplines and through lived experience we have found, and are continuing to find, a lot of answers. Life is a journey of discovery and remembering who we truly are and I would love to help you find your answers! 

If you recognize yourself in one or more of the points below,

this coaching might be for you!

  • You (are starting to) have spiritual abilities. Like seeing auras, feeling people’s emotions, having bursts of intuitive ‘downloads’, visions, energetic experiences, very clear or prophetic dreams, etc)

  • No matter how ‘good’ your life is, you keep feeling as if something is missing like you are not living fully and there is an emptiness in you.

  • You have the feeling you are not listening to your intuition, finding yourself in situations or doing things you already knew were not good for you but you didn’t dare to trust your inner guidance or you don’t know how to recognize it. 

  • You have tried conventional methods like psychologists or regular coaches but you didn’t feel understood or safe to fully open up.

  • You have done all kinds of plant medicine journeys and have had many amazing revelations but you have not been able to integrate them into your life. 

  • Your work is not fulfilling even though it’s a good and respectable job.

  • Your relationship is not fulfilling even though you have the idea that it should be.

  • You have (existential) questions like: Why am I alive, what is the point of it all, what happens after I die, etc.

  • You found a lot of answers but you can't figure out what applies to you or how to implement this in your life.

  • Sometimes you have the feeling things cost you lots of energy but you can’t identify what saps your energy.

  • You feel different from others (family, friends, partner) and have the feeling they don’t understand you.

  • ‘Strange things’ are starting to happen and you are not sure if it is real or if you might be ‘going crazy’.

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  • You want to keep a spiritual practice but lack the motivation to keep going and see results.

  • You are interested in Spirituality but you don’t know where to start or what path to take.

  • You have heard of ‘flow’ but you don’t know how it feels.

You don't have to do this alone!


How I help

As a Spiritual Intuitive coach, I help people with their awakening process and help them deal with the implications this process has on their everyday lives, social surroundings, energy/emotions/thoughts/actions.


The journey starts at a different place for everyone and it will look different from person to person. Together we can figure out where you are in your process and how you can make the process of awakening as gentle as possible. 


I coach online or in person. 


Single 60-minute coaching session

One 60-minute coaching session face-to-face in Rotterdam or online. 

€97,- single 60-minute session

WhatsApp Support

Get help when it really makes a difference instead of weeks later.

Regular reports and support when you need it most.

€77,- per month

Personal Recorded Meditation

Let me know in a voice message what you need help with and I will make you a personally recorded audio file and send it to your whatsapp or email.

€17,- for a 10-15 min meditation

Self-Care Package (3 months)

  • Free 30 minute intake

  • 6 coaching sessions of 60 minutes

  • 1 60-minute energetic healing session (in person or remote)

  • 1 personal recorded meditation

  • 3 months of WhatsApp support

€724,- (worth €925,-)

Let's check if we match! Book a free 30-minute introduction with me

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