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ArcanA Reiki Treatments

The Healing Power of Life Force Energy

The Essence of Reiki


The term "Reiki" is a combination of two Japanese words: "rei," meaning universal or spiritual, and "ki," meaning life energy. Its founder, Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, scholar, and educator, developed this form of energetic healing whilst on a spiritual journey in Mount Kurama.

At its core, Reiki aims for balance, the restoration of your own body’s healing capabilities, and the activation of your energy centers.


Benefits of Reiki Treatments


Emotional blockages and trauma often lead to the development of physical ailments in our body. Reiki aims to remove blockages so that the energy can flow freely, restoring overall balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Physical ailments can manifest as anything from lack of sleep, tension, a feeling of restlessness and various aches and pains. However, the issues can often be more subtle and manifest in such things as an inability to express an emotion, feelings of despair or sadness, a lack of self-worth, or a feeling that you lack direction, to name but a few examples. 


By working to remove the blockage and allowing the energy to flow more freely, people often see a marked improvement in stress reduction, sleep quality, emotional healing, energy and vitality, pain management as well as a deepening of their own connection to spirituality. 

What can I expect?


A typical Reiki session is a peaceful and gentle experience. You'll remain fully clothed, lying down, as I place my hands in various positions over your body. There is nothing for you to do but relax! 


The effects can differ greatly from person to person and depend on many factors such as your sensitivity to feeling energy,  individual levels of purity and blockages as well as your physical and emotional state.  In general, however, it is not unusual to feel a pleasant sensation of warmth, tingling, pulsations, a deep sense of relaxation and contentment, the feeling that you are ‘floating’ or ‘drifting’, and even the experience of emotional releases. 

Reiki Sessions by Sabrina

Price List + Options

Your Reiki Session - 1,5 hrs

The full session typically lasts approximately 1,5 hours. We will start with an exploratory conversation where we get to know each other and determine what the main areas of concern currently are.

The treatment itself takes approximately 1 hour and is usually done in silence to allow you to completely drop into a state of relaxation. At the end you will be given time to softly ‘land’ and we will take time to discuss what came up during the session. 

Per session: €105,-

Package (4 sessions): €399,-

Reiki & Sacred Cacao Session: 2 hrs

For an enhanced experience, there is also an option to drink ceremonial cacao together prior to the start of the treatment. We usually offer this option in our group ceremonies, but will now make it available to people who want to do 1:1 healing sessions, as it can help you connect more deeply with your emotions and intentions.  Moreover, natural, raw Cacao is a heart opener that makes you more receptive to healing energy, as well as providing numerous benefits for your physical body.


Although they might seem like two separate practices, the combination provides a complimentary, holistic approach that addresses both the physical and energetic aspects of well-being.


We only ever use certified, ceremonial-grade cacao. The drink is prepared in a respectful, ceremonial manner adhering to the highest levels of care and always with intention.

Per session: €135,-

Package (4 sessions): €510,-

All prices already include 21% BTW

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