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On Tantric Remote Energy Healing

in February

ArcanA Tantra Courses & Events

Everything is Energy and so it won’t surprise you that when we heal, we work with…yeah… 🙂

But how does energy work? Tantra is the Study and Science of Energy. We, at ArcanA, study, work with, and practice Tantra all the time in many different ways. Knowing how energy works can change your life completely. For us, it’s amazing to be therapists and help people heal blockages, trauma, and other discomfort but it’s even better when people themselves also learn how energy works and how they themselves can improve the quality of their lives and relationships by using it correctly and efficiently. 


As a certified Tantra Teacher, Nanouk teaches the Authentic Tantra and Tantra Sexuality from the Kasmiri Shahivism Lineage that she has studied under at Somananda Tantra School. 


If you are interested in how you can use the over 5000-year-old knowledge about how energy and the Universal laws function, and how you can use it to evolve spiritually, then the course(s) below might be exactly right for you!

Tantra and Tantra Sexuality
5-Day Course in Dutch 🇳🇱
19/20/21 April + 4/5 May 2024

In this 5-day course, you will be immersed in authentic Tantric teachings, rituals, and exercises. Tantra is not just something that you understand with your mind but something you can actually experience in your body and energy. 

In the three weekends of this course, we will take a deep dive into Tantra and Tantra Sexuality. You will learn how you can use your sexual energy for personal and spiritual growth and how it can immensely enhance your relationship and sexual pleasure as a Tantric man or woman.

5-Day Tantra en Tantrische Seksualiteit Cursus.jpg
  • Study authentic ancient Tantra philosophy to learn about energy and how to control it.

  • Study Tantra sexuality as a tool for your personal and spiritual evolution.

  • Improve your relationship(s), sex life, and orgasmic potential to heights you’ve only dreamed of.

  • Learn how to extend and enhance your lovemaking and with it the connection to yourself and your partner.

  • Take part in Tantric rituals. 

  • Learn about the feminine and masculine principles and use it to your advantage.

  • Change the way you look at love, sex, and the way you connect with others.

  • Connect with like-minded people on the authentic Tantric path.

In this course, you will learn:

  • what authentic Tantra is

  • how Tantra can change the way you view sexuality and how it can improve your sex life and your relationship (with yourself and your partner)

  • About the power of controlling your mind and energy

  • about the 7 different female orgasms

  • the difference between an orgasm and ejaculation and how to separate them

  • how multiple orgasms can be achieved in men and women

  • foundational concepts of Tantra and a Tantric relationship

  • how sexual energy can be used for your personal and spiritual evolution

  • And much more…


Not only will you be attending lectures that give you the knowledge that will make you understand the way energy and the Universe work, but we will also put that knowledge into practice with exercises done in couples and individually.

Your Event Package:

Duration: 4,5 days on the weekend

Suitability: For couples and singles

Dates and times:

Friday 19-4           Saturday 20-4         Sunday 21-4        Saturday 4-5          Sunday 5-5

18:00 - 22:00        10:00 - 18:00          10:00 - 18:00       10:00 - 18:00         10:00 - 18:00


Early bird €475,- per person (available until April 7th)

Regular €499,- per person (available from April 8th until April 18th)

The course includes drinks and snacks on the breaks. Course materials and the materials for the rituals will also be provided.

Check tabs for more information.

Location: Gaia Center, Bergwegplantsoen 10z Rotterdam

Online Zoom Lecture

🇳🇱 Introductie tot Tantra 🇳🇱

Tuesday, February 13th 20:00 - 21:30

For everyone who wants to know what Authentic Tantra is without diving into the full course I have a little ‘taste of Tantra’ for you in the form of an online 1,5 hour zoom lecture on the authentic teachings of Tantra. This lecture will be in Dutch so you can follow the complex teachings more easily. If you get excited you can always sign up for the full course mentioned above! It might be just the present you were looking for for valentines day!


This event is on Tuesday, February 13th from 20:00 - 21:30. The Zoom Lecture will be in Dutch and you can join on donation basis from anywhere between €15,- and €44,-

Your Event Package:

Date: Tuesday, February 13th 2024

Time: 20:00 - 21:30

Location: Online on Zoom

Investment: Pick your investment anywhere between €15,- and €44,-

Het volgen van de Tantra & Tantra Sexuality Course gegeven door Nanouk was een beleving.

Voor mij had de kennismaking met Tantra niet mooier kunnen zijn.

De oefeningen en rituelen hebben een diepe indruk op mij achtergelaten en mij een permanent andere visie gegeven op relaties. Ik zou willen dat ik deze cursus vele decennia eerder had gevolgd. 

Dat zou zeker een verschil gemaakt hebben in de manier waarop ik nu in het leven sta.

Prachtig vond ik vooral dat besef van het Tantrische een andere ’taal’ toevoegt, naast het cognitieve en ‘gewone’ emotionele en mijn bewustzijn definitief dieper en rijker heeft gemaakt. 

Dat had ik op die manier totaal niet verwacht en maakte het extra mooi. Nanouks begeleiding was fantastisch: intensief en ontspannen, helder en inspirerend. 


Kortom, 5 zeer waardevolle dagen die ik iedereen die zichzelf (of een ander) een groot cadeau wil geven, van harte aanbeveel. 


Titus Bovenberg

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