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We are ArcanA

Our mission is to bring knowledge to the people about who and what we really are and what as a human race we are capable of.


That sounds kind of big and quite honestly…it is. 

Because when you realize what you are capable of, you really gain control over your life and can basically create your reality.


Now, there are many (self-help) books and video’s out there that will tell you the same. Then why if the information is available to us,

are we still suffering?


What we are missing is the experience that goes with the words and a decent backup. A Tribe that supports you and reminds you every time of your chosen path when the veil of forgetting is coming down again. 


We are here to unveil, and remind you of your True Essence. 


This is how we are going to do that...


ArcanA Events


We organize events where we educate knowledge that was before only accessible to the few (Occult knowledge, and no, that doesn’t mean summoning demons with Quija boards). Occult means ‘secret / hidden or concealed’. It’s our mission to un-cover this knowledge and share it freely with people who feel they are ready to take the next step in the evolution of humanity. 


We organize authentic Tantra courses and retreats, Cacao ceremonies, and Healing sessions with and without lectures about various topics. These cacao ceremonies can be done in a group or as a private session. We also organize online Zoom lectures (in English and Dutch) and workshops on different spiritual subjects like spirituality as a whole and specifically Tantra, the Principles of Universal Law, manifestation, consciousness, the real Law of Attraction, alchemy, meditation, plant medicine, oneness, how to control your mind, (moon)cycles, healing, mind-heart coherence, intuition, intention, psychic abilities, psychology, thoughts/emotions/actions, mindset, polarity and duality, magic and much more.

Essentially we will help you wake up to a new reality and your true potential.

Tantra massage

Arcana Tantra Massage Therapy

A Tantra Massage Therapy Session is a whole-body and energy-healing experience. Ayurvedic Massage techniques and energy work are used to clear physical, emotional, and energetic blockages. A single TMT session can have the same result as months of regular talking therapy sessions.

Tantra massage is especially beneficial for sexual blockages and frustrations such as premature ejaculation, loss of sensitivity, being unable to orgasm, guilt and shame around sexuality, sexual trauma, and frigidity but also for body issues and insecurity.


It aids relaxation, body positivity, and joy, boosts life energy, and relieves stress.

Other effects of this holistic massage can be profound emotional releases, energetic sensations like tingles, warmth or cold, shivers, the feeling of being outside the body, visions, but also euphoria and orgasmic sensations throughout the entire body (also referred to as a full body energy orgasm). These orgasmic states are not the goal of the massage but rather a pleasant side effect.

We also do 4-hand massages and couples massages. 

If you want to know more about Tantra and TMT click here.

The ArcanA Tribe

We are creating a Tribe of people around us to meet regularly and help keep each other from falling asleep again. A community of open-minded individuals who know that there is more to life than we might have learned are able to see, have been given access to, or were afraid to talk about for fear of rejection.

There will be opportunities to share experiences, inspire, practice abilities, help each other out, create together, take inspired action, and celebrate the amazingness of what is possible when you dare to open up to it. 

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