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Cacao & Healing Ceremonies
Private and Groups

Cacao helps open up the heart, so that the healing energy reaches your soul

What is a Cacao & Healing Ceremony?

The official name of the Cacao plant is "Theobroma cacao", and this plant plays a special role in ceremonies. It has been used for spiritual and sacred purposes in various cultures for thousands of years.

In a cacao ceremony, this plant, which touches the heart and soul, opens the gates to the inner world. Its bittersweet flavor reminds us that healing is often a journey that includes both sweet joy and some bitterness. Cacao allows participants to connect gently and lovingly, opening hearts and stimulating the production of happiness hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. During a Cacao & Healing Ceremony, we first drink the pure, raw, ceremonial cacao (we get ours from PureKakaw) and then go into the energy healing.

Because the cacao helps open up the heart, the channeled healing energy from the healing can reach deeper, and healing of trauma, and blockages is able to be received on deeper levels.

We offer our ceremonies in Rotterdam and Amsterdam and on occasion in other locations.

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What happens during the Healing?

During the healing, you will be lying down with your eyes closed and we will come and put our hands on, or move above, specific parts of your body. Healing energy is channeled through us into your energy field which knows where to send the energy, heal the body, and dissolve energetic blockages. There will be music and sounds guiding you deeper.


The clearing of blockages and the movement of energy in the body can result in emotions coming up, physical movement and/or energetic sensations like tingles, warmth or cold, shivers, the feeling of being outside the body, visions, but also euphoria and pleasant sensations throughout the entire body. These states and emotions are not the goal of the healing but rather a pleasant side effect that comes with the balancing of your energy system.


This doesn’t mean that if you don’t experience any of these effects nothing is happening. Everybody is in a different part of their journey and has different blockages. Healing always takes place and sometimes multiple sessions are needed to work through a certain blockage or trauma.

After a session

It can very well be that (directly, a few hours, days, or even weeks) after a session things are starting to come up, change or shift. This is the purpose of the healing and are effects that are to be expected. This can range from sudden and unexpected emotions, thoughts, and dreams, but also physical sensations or effects (from lightheadedness or nausea to flu-like symptoms). This is purification and is normal after the energetic shifts that happen in the body. Very positive effects like euphoria, feelings of happiness, lightness, and joy, expansion of the heart and thoughts, and a profound feeling of connectedness or oneness are also reported frequently.


As a service, I offer an additional after-care call that can be scheduled in the two weeks after the session. In this 30-minute call, we can discuss what came up and how to deal with this most effectively. If heavier things come up I also offer coaching trajectories.

Check the ArcanA Events Page for all the open group Ceremonies
in Rotterdam and Amsterdam here!

Cacao Cer
emony & Healing

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Cacao Ceremonies and Healings

for private people and groups!

For quite a while now Arcana has hosted Cacao and Healing ceremonies for groups of max. 10-12 people. These group ceremonies are an amazing way to meet and spend time with other spiritual people. The group energy also raises the overall energy in the space.

However, for some people, it's more effective and relaxed to have their own private experience. Either alone, with a loved one, or with a smaller group of friends. 


There are several options here to suit your personal needs and preferences. We offer our ceremonies in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Sessions are 1,5 hours. The first half hour is for drinking the cacao and getting into a relaxed state. We will talk through your needs and specific intentions and do some breathing exercises. The healing itself will take 1 hour. 

Here are the different options you can choose from: 

  1. Private 1-on-1 Cacao & Healing Ceremony Session (by Nanouk or Sabrina) €149,-

  2. Private 2-on-1 Cacao & Healing Ceremony Session (by both Nanouk and Sabrina) €224,-

  3. Couple Session Cacao & Healing Ceremony (by Nanouk or Sabrina) €224,-

  4. Couple Session Cacao & Healing Ceremony (by both Nanouk and Sabrina) €274,-

  5. Private Group of 3 - 5 people Cacao & Healing Ceremony (can be done with 1 therapist) €249,- for 3 people, every extra person €95,-

  6. Private Groups of 5 - 10 people (will be done by both Nanouk and Sabrina) €497,- for 5 people, every extra person €95,-

Your Event Package:

Date and time: negotiable, contact us for availability 

Location: Rotterdam or Amsterdam

Investment: See options above, prices include cacao, tea, and a snack


This is what people say about the Cacao and Healing ceremonies

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