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About ArcanA

Knowledge is Power

When we don’t know what is possible, we will not be able to take action on it.

It is our Dharma (or life mission) to help humankind remember what we really are, and what amazing possibilities this awareness of our true nature brings us. We organize events to bring Arcane knowledge to the people who are ready to take a step in the evolution of their consciousness. 

We do that by organizing events and bringing spiritual people together to help each other awaken and stay in that awakened state. And even if you don't consider yourself spiritual, this information is just as much science as it is mystical. Universal Laws count for everyone.

Our events are aimed to inform and stimulate personal and spiritual growth.

We also provide a backup group for people who want to grow spiritually and know how easily we get distracted by the drama and drudgery of everyday life. 

In our Tribe, we will find accountability partners, ways to network, inspiration, guidance, help, and support from our peers.

Why ArcanA?

If you are familiar with the Tarot, you probably know that the deck is built up out of the Major and the Minor Arcana. 


  • The Minor Arcana deals with the human being as micro cosmos. It is the knowledge of human consciousness, the way we move in the world, and the things we are aware of around and inside of us. 


  • The Major Arcana deals with the macro cosmos, the knowledge of Natural Law, or unseen Universal Spiritual Laws like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Resonance, and the Law of Polarity. 


To grow into who we really are, knowledge is needed to take inspired action. 

Arcana literally means ‘Secrets’ or ‘Mysteries’. Arcane knowledge is the known or knowable only by a few people. It is our mission to take these ‘secrets’ and make them available to all people who are ready to wake up to the possibility of what we really are and are capable of. When you have made it to this point where you are reading this, there is a big chance that this is you. 

About the logo

Our logo looks like a tarot card, with an upward-pointed triangle in the shape of a pyramid, and the alchemical symbol of earth as a downward-pointed triangle. The pyramid symbolizes the arcane and universal wisdom passed on to us from ancient civilizations and the universal consciousness directly. 

The bottom triangle points downward, symbolizing the earth, humanity, and the material realms. And like the law of correspondence explains to us:

As above, so below. 

Learn with us how to use the relationship between the spiritual realms to manifest your goals in the physical realm. Become the conduit that turns energy into matter. 

Why TantrA?

Tantra is the Science of Energy and since the whole Universe, including us humans and the world we live in is energy it's important to dive into this science and understand how it works. Tantra is over 5,000 years old and has proven to work over centuries. This is why it has survived and is still practiced today by many. However, Tantra in the West is often not very true to the ancient original teachings anymore. It has become diluted and altered to fit the masses again (like most religions). 

This is why at ArcanA we follow, practice, and teach the authentic form of Tantra. As we constantly educate ourselves and also do our own practice we can share the knowledge firsthand and from experience. We know this practice works because this is the way we live our lives. We also keep studying Tantra ourselves to grow our own knowledge and turn it into wisdom by practice. 

Who are we?

ArcanA is birthed into life by a couple of women with an amazing twin-flame connection and co-founded with their biggest ally: the Conscious Universe. And since we are all about bringing the hidden into the light, let us enlighten you about ourselves.

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