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ArcanA Sister Circles

Sisters, this is our time!

What’s the goal of Circle?

The goal of Circle is really to share, not to receive feedback or advice (unless a sister specifically asks for that). This way there is room for your story without the usual answer or well-meant advice that we most of the time didn’t ask for. Being able to share your story is very healing for you because by explaining things to other women who don’t judge you, you get the chance to create more clarity for yourself. 

Together we really create space for you to be you and express yourself fully. 

What are the ‘rules’ of Circle?

  • In Circle, we are all equal. No matter your age, social, cultural, religious, or educational background.

  • Circle is for all who identify as female. 

  • We don’t give advice or feedback when not specifically asked for.

  • What is discussed in Circle is treated with respect and will not be shared.

  • We celebrate each other for exactly who we are and won’t try to change each other. 


Background of Women’s Circles

For centuries women have been coming to gather, usually on or around the New Moon to share wisdom across generations. Women in villages used to gather around the fire to cook together and support each other when they were on their bleed or pregnant or in times of hardship. 


Later, especially during the time of the witch hunts, women started to fear and distrust each other. And also today a lot of women seem to be in competition, jealous or distrustful of other women. Circle is turning that paradigm back to how it can be: sisterhood and celebration of trust and connection between women. 


Why are Circles so important?

Women have the power to shift the consciousness of the entire planet. Sacred feminine wisdom is needed to restore the balance of our planet. When women are happy, healthy, and safe then not only they but also their environment thrives. Their children, spouses, friends, colleagues, and families benefit from their general well-being. Especially after the pandemic when social connections were harder, we have a real need for connection and authenticity. When women tap into their potential and are supported while doing so, they will become stronger, wiser, and more fee.


So instead of gossiping over a glass of wine, we will show our vulnerability and support other women to do the same! 

Women's Circle.png

What is a Sister Circle?

A Circle or Woman’s Circle is a sacred safe space for womxn to get together to learn and share experiences without judgment. 

Per event, there will be a specific theme, ritual, or activity like a guided meditation, visualization, special sharing, intention setting, breathwork, physical exercise, or something related to the time of year or moon phase. 

Upcoming Circles

Do you want to try it out or commit to a steady Tribe of women? Want to start on a full moon or a new moon? Check out the dates below to see what calls you sister and join our Circle!

women's circle try out.png

Try-Out Sister Circle

Friday, April 7th 18:30 - 21:00

First ever ArcanA Sister Circle. 

This event is one day after the full moon and therefore will be all about 'releasing the old'.
Join us for this very special first Circle and meet your new Sister Tribe! If you know any women who would benefit from trying out a circle feel free to invite them!


The try-out price is €11,- per woman

This event hosts 11 women.


This is a one-time offer, after this try-out, a single Circle session will be €44,- per woman.

women's circle new moon.png

3-Month Sister Circle

Friday, May 19th, June 16th, July 14th
18:30 - 21:30

Circle becomes truly sacred when you get to know your sisters well.

This 3-month event starts on the new moon and allows you to connect to the group on a deeper level and share your experiences with a steady group.

If you like to connect to a steady group of Sisters, and save money, this is the group for you!

3-Month Circle costs €111,- per woman, that's €33,- per event

instead of €44,-
This event hosts 11 women.

* When you sign up for an event, you will receive an email a few days before the event with more information about the theme/ritual

   or celebration and what you need for this specific meeting.

* If we have space in a group still you can bring a friend at the single-event price of €44,-

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