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ArcanA Rope Therapy

When the Body is Tied, the Mind Can Be Free

What is Rope Therapy?

In a society where a lot of people are living in their heads and are disconnected from their physical bodies (and with that their ability to perceive the physical sensations linked to emotions that are mainly felt through our bodies), we have also created an extra hurdle to release that emotional pain. Instead of feeling and releasing them, we push them down, creating energetic blockages in our systems. This results in physical discomfort (like aches and pains, stomach ulcers, headaches, etc), stress-related complaints, and disease!

In Tantra Massage Therapy we can help release these energetic blockages but it’s better if they don’t form at all. If it’s hard for you to take the time to sit with your emotions, talk about painful memories, and go over old trauma that still creates negative effects on your current life, Rope Therapy might be for you!

In a session I can help you sit with and feel through the emotions that come up while talking about trauma, memories, and current problems that you’ve noticed you’re trying to avoid in the hopes they’ll go away on their own.


Why Rope Therapy?

Where normally we can run away from difficult or painful feelings, subjects, emotions, and trauma (by literally removing ourselves from the situation or by distracting ourselves on our phones, watching Netflix, drinking, using drugs, etc), in a Rope Therapy Session you simply can’t. It forces you to stay inside your body where emotions can be felt and transmuted. Instead of pushing them down or numbing them only for them to pop up again when we get triggered.

Being tied can bring up emotions that can be felt through because we can’t run away from them when our physical bodies are held by rope. This way old emotions, trauma, and other feelings we don’t allow to surface can be worked through. Catharsis is the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. Rope can be the perfect tool to reach catharsis.

What does a Rope Therapy Session look like?

A Rope Therapy Session starts with a short 1-on-1 video call to see if Rope Therapy is the best way to deal with your specific situation. I will check your motivations, physical and mental state, and intentions for the session and if we are a good match we proceed to make an appointment for a session. 

A session takes 1,5 hours in total. We first do a check-in on the day itself to see how you are feeling (physically, emotionally, and mentally) and negotiate your level of comfort for that day. This can differ per day so we will always have this talk! This will take about 15-20 minutes. The session itself will take about 45 - 50 min and after the tying, we will have a moment for integration.


During the session, it is advised to wear a blindfold so that it’s easier to turn inward and not be distracted by anything outside of you. This is not mandatory, so also feel free to keep your eyes closed or even open them if you don’t feel comfortable wearing one.

I will not tie knots but use the rope more to wrap around your body, giving you the feeling of being held or wrapped (like sometimes babies become calm when they are tightly wrapped or people who like weighted blankets. The wrapping can be as tight as you feel comfortable with. The pressure it creates on the body brings your awareness there. So you drop out of your head and into your body and that’s where the emotions are felt. 

During the session, we will speak through situations or trauma and be in silence from time to time so you get the chance to feel what the experience awakens in your body. I might also press certain points on your body to help release emotions (usually on the back or shoulders). 


After the session, you will have some time to come back to your surroundings and we can talk through things that came up for you. You can have a drink and rest a bit before you step out of the space. 

I will check in with you via WhatsApp one day after our session to see if anything comes up that needs our attention.

Important notes!

It’s very important to realize this is a Therapy Session. I don’t tie people up for their (or my) pleasure or just for the experience of it. There are many places where you can be tied up for (sexual) fun or to experience the tying itself but this is not the aim of Rope Therapy Sessions and I will respectfully and lovingly redirect people whose intentions or motivations are not a match for what I’m offering. 

Sexual energy may come up from the side of the person being tied. This is not a problem as long as it is used for the purpose of healing. If you want to know more about this, read more about Tantra Massage Therapy here. I will never direct any sexual energy towards my clients in any way. 

Please be advised that a Rope Therapy Session is a highly energetic session that can set in motion a myriad of effects. Be advised that, just like after a Tantra Massage Therapy Session, you take the time to integrate. So don’t plan any important tasks or appointments on the day of the session. Purification effects can vary from headaches to nausea or even flu-like effects. This is a normal way for your (energetic) body to expel unwanted or unbeneficial energies from your system. Drinking a lot of water and resting will help here. 

If you want to know if doing a Rope Therapy Session is for you, feel free to email me for a free intake call! 



Single 90-minute session


Including a free intake, a check-in, a 45-50 min Rope Therapy Session, and aftercare with check-in the next day.

3 x 90-minute session 



€77,- WhatsApp support (per month)

Let's check if we match! Book a free 30-minute introduction with me

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